spn fangirl

12 March 2019

Moved to! I'm gonna be thrashing the SSI now. It's nice not to have to use javascript for includes anymore...

I've done a complete site redesign as well, because I like doing that. It's not a whole lot different, but it'

I've kept the colour scheme, mainly because I'm too lazy to redesign my DW, and I know I'll want to if I change the colours here.

I'm still dithering over the font size. I do love the tiny text, even though it's not fashionable (or accessible), but it's entirely possible I'll increase the size at some point, more because of accessiblity than fashion. Fuck fashion. Unless it's old-fashion. I like that.

If I've kept the tiny text, rest assured, I've done all I can to make it accessibility-friendly. You can set a minimum font size in Firefox, and this site behaves with that setting.