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Is it weird that link pages seemed to go out of style? Why? The internet used to be made of links. Okay, so they still exist, but they're all ephemeral and clickbaity now.

And what happened to the link buttons everyone provided? Goddamn, we need those back. They're frickin adorable and I wants some.

Some cool stuff I like

Social - a Mastodon instance

Hubzilla - fandom style

Pixelfed - federated instagram


Markdown Reference @

Manuskript - Scrivener-like open-source tool for writers

Etherpad - collaborative online document editing

Cloud and Email

Disroot - online services based on freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization

Protonmail - Secure Email Based in Switzerland

Mega - up to 50gb free private cloud storage


Neocities - Create your own free website. Unlimited creativity, zero ads.

Eleventy is a simpler static site generator.

OMG cool websites


My Websites wefoundthebatcave ~vamp

Wanna link to me?

Here's a button:

88x31 link button

Please don't hotlink, it's not nice. Upload the images to your own website, or use the handy dandy imgur links (and use their big commercial bandwidth, not mine).

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