spn fangirl


Hi! I'm vamp.

I'm a fangirl with a penchant for tech stuff, but without the chops to do anything really cool or properly useful. I spend a non-zero amount of time breaking things for science. I like pressing buttons to see what they do.

I love plain text, and can HTML and CSS just enough to get me into trouble. Markdown is the only way to write.

Sometimes I write fic. I'm a diehard Buffy fan. My current long-term obsession is Supernatural, but I dabble in other fandoms from time to time.

I am pro-ship, and a proud Fandom Old. I can't be arsed with drama and negativity. If someone annoys, offends or attempts to pick a fight with me, I mute, block, and/or ghost, whichever is appropriate.

Catch up with me on Mastodon or Dreamwidth.

I really really really like octopuses πŸ™ and goats 🐐

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